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Meditating on God’s Attributes

I chose to meditate on the nature and attributes of God as these are two topics that I find very interesting. The first thing that came to mind was that God is spirit. That means that he is invisible, incorporeal and that there is a bit of mystery there. Although God is spirit, he is not impersonal. In fact, as humans what makes us, us is our spirit. I am me because of my spirit, not simply because of my body. In studying the spiritual disciplines, I have learned that I discipline the physical to allow my spirit to connect with God’s spirit.

I also thought about God being self-existent and what that means. It means that he doesn’t need me. He doesn’t need anyone. He doesn’t need us for his glory and he doesn’t need us to carry out his ministry, but he wants us for both. I had not really considered how powerful the fact that God doesn’t need me but he wants me is. That made me realize that serving as a minister for God should not only be done out of duty, but it should be done out of desire.

God existed before time and will continue after it. He is eternal. He has literally seen it all so when I think he can’t possibly know what I’m going through or what’s best for me in a given situation, I need to remind myself of this. People, including myself, can’t comprehend the idea of ‘before time’ because we ourselves are time bound. Thinking about time existing in God instead of God existing in time was one of the most rewarding thoughts I’ve ever had which did not provide a satisfactory answer. In ministry and in life I need to remember that God’s perspective, his timing, is perfect and has reason.

God is unchanging or immutable. He is who he is, always has been and always will be. As I was pondering this statement, I realized that is almost the exact opposite of who we are as people. We are always changing and growing. I find that interesting since we are made in his image, yet I guess since we are finite and he is infinite there must be some things in which we are opposite or at least drastically different from him. I remember a conversation that occurred at a Bible study. Some people claimed that our prayers changed heaven while others pointed out the immutability of God. In thinking on this attribute, I realized God is immutable and his character does not change, however, he reveals himself to us along with his will and when we pray it is we who change. Just because God knows something before it happens does not mean free will or the power of prayer do not exist. In fact, is unchangeableness is what makes prayer so powerful. We can rely on him being who he is.

The last thing I want to discuss is God’s transcendence. In Isaiah we are told that God’s ways are far above our ways. Jesus begins the model prayer by pointing to God’s transcendence in heaven. Thankfully, though we can never fully understand God, he has condescended and revealed himself to us. His word is so rich that we could spend multiple lifetimes studying it and never fully exhaust its depths.  Yet, it only scratches the surface of who God is. He uses it to communicate himself to us in a way that our inferior minds can understand.

Thinking over these and several other attributes of God made me realize that I have been thinking way too small of my God. I forget that he is the master of the universe that he is awesome beyond words. Life is all about perspective, and in my life I want to keep perspective on just how big my God really is. I can accomplish this partly by meditating on his nature and attributes more often as he is inexhaustable in who he is.



An imperfect person striving to do his best to serve a perfect God, who loves me despite all my slips along my journey. Uncle to 5 beautiful nieces. Youth Minister and former public school teacher. Student of the Word, wanna be prayer warrior and aspiring author.

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