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Blessed are the…


Matt 5:2  Lord teach me. As I open your word, speak to my heart.

Matt 5:3  Blessed – Lord I am blessed beyond measure. You have given me more than I deserve with your free gift of salvation. I pray that you help me express this blessedness and you as the blesser to the world. The poor in spirit what does it mean to be poor in spirit? Is Jesus using this term because of who he is talking to, the regular people and not the high in spirit religious rulers. Humility seems to be the key here. Lord, teach me humility. Let not my pride get in the way of becoming more like you.

5:4  Father, we all mourn. Some more than others, I lift up my friend Adam to you Lord, you know the hurt he has been through, the loss he has suffered.  I pray that you would bring him comfort father.  A comfort that only you can bring.

5:5  Lord you know the darkness in me.  You know how I try to be gentle, loving and compassionate towards others. But you also know how I far too often fail at doing so.  Lord, take the edges, the anger, and the self-righteousness away. Remind me of how your son lived his life on this earth. He was gentle, meek, loving and compassionate. Help me to be the same.

5:6  What is righteousness? God I know I am righteous in Christ, but I need you to teach me just what that means. Help me as I grow to be more like Jesus. Start a fire in me for righteousness that cannot be put out. When I am indecisive about what righteousness is, bring to my mind Jesus’ life and the manner in which he lived it.

5:7  In so many ways and in far too many areas our world is near to being void of mercy.  I know that I sometimes relish in the lack of mercy offered to those who are evil, murderous dictators, serial killers and the like, but Lord I pray that you would remind me of mercy.  Moreover, I pray that you would cause a revival to occur and that mercy would play a key part in it and would spread throughout the world.

5:8  The pure in heart probably do a better job of reflecting Jesus to the world than anybody else.  I pray, Lord, that you would cause more of your people to strive to be pure in heart.  Help us to take a stand against the little acceptances we make, in the movies we watch, the things we read, the jokes we tell and all other areas.  Only with your help can anyone be pure of heart.

5:9  I struggle with being a peacemaker. So much of life seems like a fight for something and especially when it comes to ‘religion’ or more precisely conservative Christianity, it seems like the world is just itching to pick a fight.  Not all battles are worth entering, but I struggle to balance the peacemaker in me when the innocent are harmed or when godly values are being attacked and mocked.  Lord, grant me discernment in these situations to know how to best stand for you and seek peace at the same time.

5:10  In America I feel persecuted because the ten commandments have been removed from many public buildings.  Although this is something that needs to be addressed, Father, you know those who are truly suffering from unimaginable persecution all over the world.  I pray that you would give them strength, comfort and that you would help them persevere for your glory.

5:11  Elsewhere in your word you told me that my enemy is not flesh, but the powers and principalities that I war with. I pray that you help Christians across the world realize that the insults and falsehoods hurled at us by other people are propagated by the current ruler of this world, Satan. Remind me oh Lord that it is better to be pleasing and obedient to you than to give into the verbal persecution of the world.



An imperfect person striving to do his best to serve a perfect God, who loves me despite all my slips along my journey. Uncle to 5 beautiful nieces. Youth Minister and former public school teacher. Student of the Word, wanna be prayer warrior and aspiring author.

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